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Usage ... BasicLog can be used by essentially anyone who keeps track of records and events; anyone who likes their records systematically sorted; and anyone who needs to retrieve the who, why, and how of any event and needs to do it very quickly.

Who? ... A partial and very incomplete list of companies where BasicLog can be used: factories, hospitals, bars, golf courses, restaurants, retail establishments, construction business…actually, the list is virtually endless…

Customizable ... BasicLog allows you to create events and setup various questions for them. Questions can be required or required on append (when follow-up is needed). Notifications can be configured so users will be notified when an important event is entered. Contact list and message board can bring a new and important information to the end users. Still need to have something on paper? Multiple reports are available to run and print at your convenience. Online ... BasicLog doesn’t require any installation on your PC. It’s simple design is recognized by most of the web browsers. As long as you have access to the Internet, you can use BasicLog.

Basic Log... what to expect next...
• More reports
• Custom sorting for events
• Custom sorting for questions
• Text messages for international customers
• Enter follow up comments for an event
• ... any suggestions?